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Yoga for Adults and Teens

Yoga Warrior Three Pose

Yoga classes are a wonderful blend of flowing postures that bring peace to your mind while increasing flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Taught in a peaceful, relaxing, and meditative atmosphere, these yoga classes at our Greensboro studios are suitable for beginner and intermediate yoga students. Both men and women at various levels of flexibility will feel comfortable in our class.

Yoga exercises every part of the body — toning muscles, joints, the spine as well as the entire skeletal system. The poses and postures work not only on the body's frame but on the internal organs, glands, and nerves, keeping all systems in radiant health. By releasing physical and mental tension, the poses also liberate vast resources of energy.

Many people are drawn to yoga classes as a way to get their bodies fit and supple or to keep themselves fit and supple — good to look at and to live in. Some want to learn the deep stretching techniques as preparation for their running, dance, tennis, golf, and equestrian activities. Others come to yoga classes seeking relief for specific stress-related complaints such as tension, neck or backaches, or fatigue. Taking into account the interrelationship between body and mind, these classes formulate a method for maintaining this balance.

Class Requirements

Please wear loose clothing, no perfume, and bring a towel. For your comfort, do not eat a large meal two hours before your practice or consume a large quantity of water. Classes are conducted in bare feet. A yoga mat is ideal for the class. The class sequence is set up such that if you miss a class or join the classes at a later date, you will not feel left behind or out-of-place.

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