Ballet, Pre-Pointe Classes

At Artistic Motion School of Arts in Greensboro, NC, ballet classes offer foundational techniques and graceful movements, perfect for beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Ballet Conditioning

As one of the premier and best ballet schools and studios in Greensboro, Artistic Motion prioritizes the development of well-rounded dancers through rigorous yet supportive training program.

Modern & Contemporary

At Greensboro Dance Studios of Artistic Motion, the Modern & Contemporary classes offer a dynamic fusion of expressive movements and innovative choreography.

Jazz Dance Classes

Our Jazz Dance classes in Greensboro, NC, blend energetic choreography with rhythmic precision, providing students with a dynamic and engaging dance experience.

Tap Dance Classes

With a focus on precision and artistry, our Greensboro Tap Dance program at Artistic Motion ensures that dancers of all levels receive top-notch instruction and opportunities to shine on stage.

Hip-Hop Classes

Experience the best Hip-Hop Classes at Greensboro Dance Studio, where our dynamic instructors blend urban flair with energetic choreography to create a vibrant dance atmosphere.

Adult and Teen Classes

At Greensboro Dance Studio, Artistic Motion, we proudly offer Adult and Teen Classes designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students.

Tumbling & Acrobatics

At Artistic Motion in Greensboro, NC, we provide Tumbling & Acrobatics classes that combine athleticism with artistic expression, offering students a dynamic and challenging training experience.

Private Piano and Voice

Our Downtown Greensboro Studio offers Private Piano and Voice lessons tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each student.

Artistic Motion: Greensboro's Premier Dance Studio


Artistic Motion School of Arts shines brightly as one of the finest dance studios in Greensboro, NC. Its reputation for excellence stems from a combination of factors that make it stand out in the local dance community. With a team of passionate and experienced instructors, our Downtown Greensboro Dance Studio offers top-notch training in various dance styles, catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

What truly sets Artistic Motion apart from other dance studios in Greensboro, NC, is its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Here, students feel embraced and supported as they explore the dance world. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a complete novice, the studio fosters a sense of belonging and encourages each dancer to express themselves freely. This sense of community enhances the learning experience and creates lasting friendships among students.

From classical ballet to contemporary jazz, Artistic Motion School of Arts boasts a diverse curriculum, ensuring something for everyone. Whether you are seeking to refine your technique or simply looking for a fun way to stay active, the studio offers a dynamic and enriching experience. With its stellar reputation and commitment to excellence, Artistic Motion is a must-visit for anyone looking for the best Dance or Ballet School in Greensboro, NC.




Graduated Students


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Natalie is happy there and if she's happy , then I'm happy! Also, her dancing has improved a lot as well as her complete posture . Good job Artistic Motion, keep up the good work! Thank You!

Mother of Natalie Stevens, Katherine Stevens

The studio has consistently been gracious in accommodating my interests and dance goals and being a student at this studio has improved my dancing tremendously.

Angela Oh Park, Student

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