Natalie has been at Artistic Motion for a little over a year now. She felt welcomed by everybody immediately, which, of course, warmed our hearts! Since then, she loves going there all the time and Natalie tells me all the time how supportive everyone is of each other and they help each other kindly to strive to get better at whatever they’re working at/on. Natalie is happy there and if she’s happy , then I’m happy! Also, her dancing has improved a lot as well as her complete posture . Good job Artistic Motion, keep up the good work!
Thank You!

Mother of Natalie Stevens, Katherine Stevens

I have been a student at Artistic Motion for the past several years. I ballroom dance professionally and have been exposed to a variety of coaches and teachers through the United States, and the quality of teaching at this studio is superb. The studio accommodates a wide range of interests including adult-students who desire to get in better shape and gain flexibility to very high-level students who desire a professional dance career. I am an adult-student but take ballet class with the younger girls because I wanted a more strict, demanding environment to help improve my dance technique. The studio has consistently been gracious in accommodating my interests and dance goals and being a student at this studio has improved my dancing tremendously. Not only are they highly trained and excellent instructors with a wide-breadth and depth of knowledge, the teachers are also approachable and kind while being appropriately demanding. They also regularly bring in excellent, sought-after guest coaches for workshops, which attract regular students and students outside of the studio. The students are supportive of one another and the environment is very positive and non-petty. I am very grateful to have a studio of this caliber in our town.

Angela Oh Park, Student