Correct tumbling technique is offered in a safe, controlled environment. Increase your strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. The class syllabus begins with basic forward and backward rolls and progresses to handstands, forward and backward limbers, forward and backward walkovers, forward and backward handsprings and forward, backward and side aerial skills. You and your child will be thrilled each time they accomplish a new more advanced skill!

Acrobatics (Acro)

A combination of acrobatics and gymnastics, this class focuses on correct tumbling technique while adding elements of acrobatic partnering, stunt work and balancing skills. Developing flexibility and strength by working all skills on the right and left sides makes this class challenging and rewarding for your child.

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Tumbling & Acrobatics Classes Schedule

Some of our Combo Classes include Tumbling & Acrobatics – Check it out!

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